Zaki Alasmar

Multi- modal neuroimaging. media art.

My name is ~Zaki,

I am a PhD student in neuroscience and psychiatry at the Douglas Mental Health Institute & McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

I am working on novel computational modelling of human neuroanatomy in life and beyond, to reveal signatures of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

I use imaging tools and behavioural assessments to study brain anatomy and cognitive skills,

Beyond Neuroscience, I am interested in multimedia art and philosophy.


Ongoing Research Projects

Quantification of White Matter Microstructural Difference in Alzheimer’s Disease using Multimodal Neuroimaging.
Multivariate Normative Mapping of the Relationship between White Matter Microstructure and Behavioural Domains using Multimodal Neuroimaging.
Simultaneous Quantitative fMRI-EEG Using Gas Manipulation for the Unbiased Estimation of Localized Cortical Functional Connectivity.
Cortico-Cerebellar Structural Covariation and its Relationship to Motor and Cognitive Functioning

Past Research Projects

Decomposing the Spatial Representation of Behavioural Domains in White Matter.
Investigating Long-Range Temporal Correlations Using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of MEG timeseries in the Human Cortex.
Neuroimaging Data Preprocessing: Reviewing Normalization and Segmentation Tools.


Ongoing Artistic Projects

Medium-agnostic brain architecture representation.
Abstract scenery acrylic renditions.
Urban different-space photography.

Past Artistic Projects

Syrian Eyes of the World.